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David Chorley

"Just a quick word to thank you for the great service regarding the fitting of my Ping irons and Titleist wedges, I picked them up on Friday and hit some balls on the range, the clubs felt right form the second I picked them up".

John Conway

I’ve been a customer of Brian Connor’s House of Golf for over 20yrs, on and off, and have recently-ish started using the assistant, Ben McKaigg, for help. Coming back to golf a few years ago (after a lengthy layoff due to back/muscle issues) he fitted me for required new irons - couldn’t hit the old blades anymore - and history proves it was good advice; a new driver, where I listened to him instead of going for distance, and again it’s proven good advice; he’s helped me with getting the right 3 wood and hybrid, where I wanted a 15° and a 2 iron he advised a 16.5° and a 3 hybrid, again great advice. Even if I say so myself I was always a decent club level golfer tee to green - previous pros have said 2-4, straight with good but not great distance - but then the wheels would come off around the greens, with previous pros saying how I’d just “leak shots”. Ben has helped get me back to being half decent-ish tee to green and, this year, has transformed my chipping around the greens. He’s now working on my notoriously bad three stab putting stroke and I can easily accept if I’d worked on my putting with this advice 15-20 years ago I’d have been down low; I’ve never had tuition on the putting stroke before. He’s helped my index drop from 20 to 10.5 this year and now I’m hoping, with Ben’s help in the short game and particularly the putting area, I’ll be a 64yo c5 index next year. That’s my new target and I have every faith he’s capable of getting me there if I’m capable of seeing his help and tuition through. He’s a good listener, very patient, a good communicator and clearly knows his stuff and I’m very happy to recommend him to others.

Robert Smith

Visited for a putting session, if you've never had a putting lesson then you should, Ben is very knowledgeable 👍


Lee Davies

Booked myself in for a putter fitting last week, and I have to say it was worth every penny. I'm a relatively high handicapper (22) but fancied a new putter and decided to go for the whole experience. I was worried that the full fitting may be a little extravagant for someone my level, but it couldn't have been more interesting and useful. Ben was brilliant, he knows his stuff and talked me through all of the issues with my putting, and proceeded to find solutions. There was no hard sell, but I ended up buying one anyway and despite it not being in stock on site, I had it customised and delivered within the week. I love my new putter. I've been out twice so far with it and my putting has improved by about 5 shots a round already.

Addition - I had an issue with my putter (nothing to to with House of Golf - I broke it) but they helped me sort it anyway. Thank you HOG and Max. Can’t recommend this place enough 👍

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