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In 2011 PGA Professional Brian Connor opened the Putting Lab at the Golf Performance Centre this completed the services offered to golfers both in terms of the golf swing and the art of putting. Brian's goal has always been to provide tour professional standard services to amateur golfers to allow you to become the best golfer that you can be.

There are very few centres in the UK that can provide this level of feedback, information and service. This makes us specialists in our delivery of putting coaching & putter custom fitting.

What We Offer

Whatever aspect of your putting you are struggling with, or if you are just wanting to improve we will be sure to find the answer. All our sessions are conducted using the SAM Putt Lab. The SAM Lab system measures over 40 parameters and is accurate to within 0.1 Degree. All sessions within the Putt Lab are carried out by Ben McKaigg. Ben alongside being a PGA Professional is also our custom fitting specialist, qualified by Titleist, Callaway Ping, Taylormade and Mizuno.

Ben McKaigg - PGA Professional

60 Minute Lesson - £59

60 Minute Putter Fitting Session - £59

3 x 60 Minute Putting Lesson - £160

6 x 60 Minute Putting Lesson - £300

The Putting Lab

What We Stock

Here at the House Of Golf we stock over 150 putters from all the major brands. Such as Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, Ping, Mizuno, Taylormade, EvnRoll and Cleveland.

The Putting Lab
The Putting Lab
The Putting Lab
The Putting Lab
The Putting Lab
The Putting Lab
The Putting Lab

The SAM PuttLab


SAM PuttLab analyses 40+ vital parameters of your putting stroke.

These are:

  • Face Aim

  • Face Change

  • Face Impact

  • Ball Direction

  • Path Direction

  • Face On Path

  • Spot Address

  • Spot Impact

  • Path Arc

  • Backswing Length

  • Forward Swing Length

  • Backswing Ratio

  • Lie Address

  • Lie Impact

  • Shaft Address

  • Shaft Impact

  • Loft Address

  • Loft Impact

  • Height Impact

  • Vertical Spot

  • Rise Impact

  • Launch Angle

  • Spin Loft

  • Face TOB

  • Face Finish

  • Backswing Rotation

  • Forward Swing Rotation

  • Rotation -10

  • Rotation +10

  • Abs Rotation Zone

  • Rotation Symmetry

  • Relative Rotation Zone

  • Rotation Rate

  • Yips Jerking

  • Backswing Time

  • Impact Time

  • Forward Swing Time

  • Rhythm

  • Timing

  • Speed Impact

  • Acceleration Impact

Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for a better and more efficient training

The report from your session is available to print or email for you to take away and digest in your own time.

Putting approximately accounts for over 40% of total strokes.

Don't leave things to chance!

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Ken Stafford recently purchased a new Scotty Cameron putter. However because the Putting Lab was fully booked he had to wait a few weeks before he could have a fitting.


“I was putting all right before the fitting but not as good as I would have liked”, Ken Said.


“Ben and I discussed what I was doing wrong and I took it on board".


Would you believe it the next two rounds I shot 76 and 77 gross and had 29 and 31 putts respectively. My handicap has gone down to 6 and I picked up a considerable amount of prize winnings.


"Who says  you are too old to change the way you have always played”,


Ken is only a few days away  from his 75th birthday.


“It’s never too late to learn. I advise anyone who hasn’t tried The Putting Lab to book an appointment. But don’t expect them to be able to accommodate you immediately. It’s very popular!


and I for one know the reason why.

Ken Stafford

The Putting Lab

1 Hour Putting Lab Session

A 1 hour Putting Lab Session take as either a custom fitting or a putting lesson. Can also be a combination of both


3 x 60 Minute Putting Lab Sessions

3 x 60 minute Putting Lab Sessions. Can comprise of a custom putter fitting and putting lessons or just putting lessons


The Putting Lab
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